People are not handicapped by their condition, but by other people.

Don’t get adapted to the inacceptable.


Welcome to Netzwerk Pflegegewalt

Nice to have you here! Unfortunately, we've been a bit too busy tweeting and fighting against SPD-AWO-corruption issues lately ...

That's why this English section here is still at least partially under construction. If you need more information about us quickly: Please send us an e-mail providing your phone number and we will call you immediately! You can already find some information about our work here. And above. 

You are looking for an academic internship or a volunteer opportunity with a Human Rights NGO like us? Perfect, we have vacancies for  student internships for law, psychology, medicine or political science students as well as voluntary internships for young and ambitious future students. Get some information about us here

Meanwhile, just hop over to our European Eleanors and get some information on their work, they are already providing a website in English for you and are also tweeting in English. And follow us on Twitter, we are tweeting in German and English there as well.

Thanks very much for your understanding, see you soon!


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