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Academic internship

International academic internship

You are studying something about law, psychology, medicine or political science? Perfect, we need you! We are currently setting up an interdisciplinary European Human Rights Clinic and are looking for committed national and international students who do not believe that watching Netflix on the sofa at home is an appropriate goal in life to achieve, but who want to participate in the development of society and take over responsibility for this. And to whom we can hand over our work in the future.

We qualify you, connect you with our international partners, so that together you can make a difference for your Europe by enforcing the protection of human rights on local grounds, especially for vulnerable population groups such as women, children, people with disabilities and people with mental illness. Read more about us here.


What do we have to offer?

We provide a structured training concept, mandatory training units, compulsory individual and group supervision and the willingness to listen at any time. To us, problems are challenges to discuss and to learn from through communication. In our daily work things never work out as planned, this is "the normal", since there would not be cases we have to work on if things went according to law in the first place.

So, you should not tend to experience panic attacks once things do not turn out as expected or as agreed upon before. Things rarely turn out as expected or agreed, this is the nature of our work. Therefore, we are looking for students who are willing to make a commitment and who are not afraid of mental flexibility, quick decisions and thick books to work with.

And with a heart in the right place, because we work with vulnerable individuals, so you have to be able to temporarily put your personal interests behind the interests of the individual. You have to treat victims of crime and mentally stressed individuals with patience and understanding and need to postpone your own frustration to the next cup of coffee or supervision unit.

Duration, content and specific activities in your internship are subject to negotiations between us, we are not looking for cheap labor, but for inspiring young individuals to support in their personal and intellectual development. Together with you, we are willing to find out, what your areas of interests are and where you see yourself in the future.

Before starting your internship, we agree on an internship contract with you, so you know exactly what you can expect and demand from us. Our training approach focuses on providing the interdisciplinary big picture, our students and interns are supposed to learn "thinking out of the box" when working with us. We believe, this enables them to work independently later. Meaning, if you are studying psychology, you will also have to deal with legal topics, if you are studying law, we will explain the psychological concept of secondary victimization in detail. If you are studying medicine, we will explain the legal content and structure of the European Victims Rights Directive to you.


How can you apply?

We want you to benefit as much as possible from working with us, therefore we invest a lot of time in negotiating the internship contract with you, to make sure, that we can really provide the experience you want to achieve. We will find out, what specific background information on whicht topics you have already learned in your academic studies in order to set the framework for the structure and content of your internship with us. We want to expand your existing knowledge meaningful. We will invite you to a little chat (online or in our office) to tell you more about our current projects. You can then take your time to think about which project is the most interesting for you and in what kind of role you see yourself in the project. We then agree on monthly learning plans to make sure that you access the necessary academic and practical knowledge for meeting your own expectations. We are working according to the general scientific and professional rules, that is what we want to teach you in your internship.

Therefore, we have a compulsory book list for all interns. To understand the international law context we are working in appropriately, you will have to work yourself through the relevant background information provided before the start of your internship, in order to raise your awareness for the historic background of typical German issues in German politics and international human rights.


The following list is compulsory for all interns and students, no matter what subject you are studying.


The following 2 additional book lists are compulsory for all law students and psychology students working with us. You will get the books from us, you do not have to read them all in full, but they are the basis of our work, so your training plan covers reading times to access the material. This is supposed to make sure that you can develop the big picture of understanding the system we are working in. Most of the topics have already been part of your academic studies, so don’t panic!


The following books are compulsory readings for all law students


Further readings will be agreed upon depending on your internship focus. The above books are standard in public international law, so you should already know much of the topics covered.

It is also highly recommended to all students and interns to access the DAG HAMMERSKJÖLD Human Rights Library. You can find all the documents we are talking about there. Research work should be started using the UN Universal Human Rights Index. We will provide you with a separate written guide for research on the CFR of the EU and the ECHR of the Council of Europe.


The following books are compulsory readings for all psychology students:


Further readings will also be agreed upon according to your internship focus.


In the beginning of your internship, you will also receive an online training on how we all work together in order to make you "arrive” in our group properly. In between, there are mandatory monthly one-to-one meetings and of course a reflecting final meeting to review your internship at the end of your internship. You will then receive an internship certificate and a letter of recommendation for future applications.

Or an employment contract, because we are qualifying to staff our own needs and actually want you to stay with us and keep your academic competence. Or you have developed your own project during your internship and we can help with financing it. Or, or, or...

Want to know more about us? Have a look here


Still interested and not afraid of hard work? Write an e-mail to our trainer Julia and tell us why you would like to do your internship with us.