People are not handicapped by their condition, but by other people.

Don’t get adapted to the inacceptable.



We are a civil society grassroots human rights NGO from Hamburg, Germany. We have professional backgrounds in law, nursing, medicine, social sciences and psychology and are convinced Europeans willing to create European networks of education and solidarity.

We are interested in politics, society and justice questions and have all made professional or private experiences with issues such as discrimination of women, discrimination of individuals with disabilities or mental health problems, domestic violence, care violence, corruption in the public health system and all the challenging questions of inclusion surrounding the implementation of the UN CRPD. Those experiences made us start this interdisciplinary initiative focused on monitoring the implementation of UN CRPD, UN CRC, Istanbul Konvention and the European Victims Rights Directive on our local German grounds and cross border in Europe. We are grassroots and proud of it.

We monitor individual cases, analyze them and address human rights violations publicly to press, state actors, county parliaments and Bundestag. Anti-discrimination work and victim protection is a fundamental social responsibility and obligation of the national government within the three pillars of the constitutional checks and balance system and must not be transferred for cost reasons only to private companies lacking fundamental rights standards. Or ultimately to civil society and volunteer work free of charge and any legal responsibility for human rights violations committed by the individual volunteer.

At the same time, we are passing over our knowledge to the next generation of human rights activist by coordinating youth projects and coaching and training young individuals, pupils, students and volunteers on human rights through the European Solidarity Corps.

Interested in cross border cooperation with us? Learn more about us and our projects. We welcome academic interdisciplinarity and are open to any collaboration with partners from Germany and abroad, that are committed to the rule of law, the rules of science and want to secure peace and stability in our European Union with their work.