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Corruption Blog

Dear international visitors,

due to the fact that the case of Michael Preißler monitored here is subject to academic research and a PhD thesis on states obligations under international law and social psychology of groups in the national German health system, we would like to thank everyone interested in learning more about this research topic right from the front line of society.

We do our best to provide a proper translation of all the information given on this case here in English for the academic community and civil society, but we apologize in advance for any translation delays. International visitors are usually not familiar with the specific situation the case is linked to in Bremen and Germany and the additional political background, hence, we might add one or two more sentences to the translated text to make sure that everyone can fully understand the information provided to set it in the right context. All texts will therefore be doublechecked before posting them for our international visitors to clarify any misunderstandings or incomprehensibility according to the wordings and circumstances on the grounds, that might need some extra explanation.

For any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us any time. 

Thanks for your understanding and welcome to the case of Michael Preißler.

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