People are not handicapped by their condition, but by other people.

Don’t get adapted to the inacceptable.

International volunteering

International Volunteer Work

Want to stand up for human rights? Participate as international volunteer! It is best to simply drop an e-mail, then we will get in touch with you. We don’t all live in one spot and are also internationally connected, so no matter where you currently are, get in touch with us if you are interested in coming to Germany for a volunteer job. We want you asap!! 

We are particularly interested in the participation and support of people with disabilities, because they are experiencing so many difficulties in fullfilling their dreams. We are here to help.

So just go for it, we are happy to support you and provide catering for special needs. Don’t worry about costs either, we have special funding that is only applicable for people with disabilities or impairments to enable them to participate in our projects. We also have specially trained people available for this purpose.


What can we provide?

A room in a really luxurious appartement (thanks to Linda!), if you want to come over to Germany for longer, support concerning any problem and the willingness to solve problems, not to make problems. Time: 6 - 12 months or more, if you like. Or less, if you just want to give it a try first. What do we expect from you? Read this.

Oh, by the way, our girls would prefer to have a male volunteer from Spain,  !!

Your are neither male nor Spanish? Never mind, just drop us an e-mail.