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Our projects 2020 - 2025

Our projects 2020 - 2025

As part of the over all implementation of our project strategy 2020 - 2025, we will focus on the following projects over the next 5 years:


1. EU-VRD-Monitoring project: German emergency hotline on prevention of secondary victimization of female victims of crimes under the framework of the European Victims' Rights Directive

Based on the EU strategy on victims rights (2020-2025), we provide free access for women having become victim of crime to psychological and legal support within 6 hours after contacting us to ensure the formal report of the crime to the investigation authorities responsible. We provide a trained victim protection advisor who accompanies the victim to the local police station, government authorities and court during the legal procedures and, moreover, serves as witness on the compliance of state actors involved in the investigating process of the individual case with the mandatory victim protection legislation applicable, especially the EU Victims Rights Directive.

Aim of this project is to ensure and enforce criminal investigations on criminal charges committed to the detriment of women all over Germany, herewith impeding systematic file manipulation by police officers and government officials currently leading to systematic circumvention of compensation and victim’s protection legislation in Germany by state actors. Germany is already subject to an infringement proceeding launched by the EU Commission due no non-compliance with the legal obligations of the EU Victims Rights Directive, with this project we want to


2. European Festival Awareness campaign on European Victims Rights Directive

Together with local European NGO partners and volunteers from different countries, we are conducting a human rights awareness campaign on the EU Victims Rights Directive at 15 European Rock Festivals in 2021 and 2022, herewith tackling sexual harassment and rape of women and LGBT individuals at Rock festivals. A topic unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent in today’s troubled times in a split Europe.  


3. European pupils education campaign on European Victims Rights Directive

In accordance with the European Commission's strategy on the implementation of the European Victims Directive in Europe, we are carrying out human rights pupils trainings on the directive in rural European schools in different countries during the next 5 years. Online and on the spot!

Based on the results of the EU's New Narrative for Europe campaign,  we herewith actively want to approach and involve the rural youth in Europe, who often feel abandoned from Brussels, politics and their own communities around. With this project, we want them to join the European Solidarity Corps with own projects  as well as informing them about other youth programs provided by the EU to actively involve the European youth in politics and the development of the EU. And foster own European careers.

The blueprint for this project was the project of our European Eleanors, which is now being transferred to the European context. The aim here in particular is the cross-border creation of new political and social opportunities for participation in the political and social discourse for young Europeans, who refuse long time existing, but in their view outdated mechanisms and instruments for participation in the political democratic process, e.g. within the framework of overcome political party structures, and are therefore looking for new grass roots ways of participation for shaping democracy and society. We offer new approaches through our way of working with young Europeans and want to further develop those new ways and paths together with young Europeans.


4. Further development of European Eleanors

The European Eleanors project has been considered a blueprint project for new European youth participation and as new model for other grass roots initiatives right from the start and is now, consequently, being expanded from the national level to the international level in Europe and beyond from 2021 to 2025. The group is currently writing further funding applications to transfer its project approach and has already developed new projects for collaboration with further European partners.


5. Further development of Hohenschönhausen project

In this project, we have already done extensive research on the biography of a female Stasi victim and her family history within an academic reconciliation approach. We are now developing an online student training for the preparation of a school class visits to the Hohenschönhausen Memorial. The aim of the project here is to keep on working against the forgetting and the trivialization of crimes committed by officers of the Ministry of State Security under the GDR totalitarian regime, and to provide a platform for the victims who are still suffering from the experience of torture and oppression until this day. We want to help them by addressing their concerns on developments in society and politics today in public and by establishing intergenerational personal contacts between victims, perpetrators and the next EU youth generation. We would like to thank Monika Schneider for the training she gave to our European Eleanors in July 2020.


6. Individual investigation of human rights violations on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany

As part of our campaign work on the spot, we will continue to investigate cases of human rights violations brought to our attention. We will continue to address them in public, we will file criminal complaints  and bring them to court. We will continue to refer those cases to the local parliaments responsible and to the Bundestag to foster the enforcement of existing legislation on the spot and to promote legislative changes where the existing legal regime is no appropriate enough to ensure equality and fundamental rights. As devoted Twitter addicst, we will of course continue to run social media campaigns to make the voices of our victims heard.


In financing our projects, we pay particular attention to a funding mix of EU funds, national funds and donations from private donators to secure that our independent professional scientific work based on the rule of law and the rules of science remains free of any political party influence. Our work and project implementation is strictly based on interdisciplinary scientific principles of best practice and corresponding evaluation.

In all projects, beyond the traditional voluntary work model, we offer the opportunity to attend an international voluntary work scheme, a national FSJ voluntary work scheme, an internship for pupils, an academic  student internship with us. We want to be a career booster for the people working with us, hence, for all applicants we figure out which model suits the career options focused at best and provide help with the appropriate administrative handling of the individual's participation in our projects.

We welcome academic interdisciplinarity and are open to any collaboration with partners from Germany and all over the world, that are committed to the rule of law, the rules of science and want to secure peace and stability in our European Union with their work.