People are not handicapped by their condition, but by other people.

Don’t get adapted to the inacceptable.

Our scientific research

Our scientific research

This video is a video produced by students with disabilities from the library of Trinity College Dublin to lower access to the library for students with disabilities. It was part of a research project on the implementation of Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities. You can read the full academic paper on the project here. Access to public services according to Article 9 UN CRPD here means proper access to library service.

This is why science matters.

Scientific research is conducted to draw conclusions from its results for every day life questions to improve the situation for society as a whole. When populists are taking over politics again and right wing judges in national courts are again undermining existing international mandatory human rights protection legislation, we have a democratic weapon. It is called science.

Our work therefore also includes accompanying scientific research on our cases. As part of a PhD thesis carried out at the moment, we are examining the level of fundamental rights protection for individuals with disabilities in Germany and are examining, what needs to be done in our country for individuals with disabilities to ensure their fundamental rights.