People are not handicapped by their condition, but by other people.

Don’t get adapted to the inacceptable.

Who we are

Who we are

We cannot save the world, but we can save individual worlds. We are very well academically trained and therefore feel obliged to return the intellectual gift of education back to our European society that made it possible for us to obtain this level of education by funding our European youth exchanges, European internships and European academic studies through Erasmus.

Today, we offer a flexible engagement platform for human rights activists of any age and a professional network for individual civil society commitment right at the European frontline. We work strictly according to the rule of law and the rule of good practice in science we were taught in our European universities, and encourage an open democratic discussion culture and thinking out of the box within our initiative. We are convinced democratic Europeans, hands on and down to earth, and strongly determined to stand up against the ongoing European democratic crisis in our country with action and attitude to defend the rule of law and justice.

Our constitution is currently undergoing its first real stress test in over 70 years, we have learned from Weimar and do not give up the achieved German rule of law and the fundamental rights of individuals, women, patients, people with disabilities or mental illness simply because political and economic tensions dominate everyday life, herewith bring the existing human rights regime more and more under threat.

Our future in a globalized world is the European Union, not the nation state. According to Article 20 I GG, Germany is a welfare state and this welfare state must protect the vulnerable. According to Article 20 III GG, Germany is a constitutional state governed by the rule of law. If this rule of law is undermined by the same state actors whose fundamental constitutional obligation it is to protect this specific rule of law and justice, publicly expressing the right for resistance and constitutional defence is a civic duty, Art. 20 IV GG. Our constitution is the legal protection insurance for our democracy, the European Union our life and peace insurance.

We are human rights activists, who, with their interdisciplinary academic knowledge, stand up for people who cannot represent themselves, or who are temporarily unable to represent themselves. With our professional and private contact network, we review individual cases, analyze the structural deficiencies that have made the case become a case in the first place, and address human rights violations in systematic public campaigns. To stand up against the systematic abuse of power in a country deep in financial, political and democratic crisis.

An important focus of our work is the training of the next generation of young human rights activists. Since 9/11, the existing achievements of the prevailing international human rights protection regime can no longer be taken for granted. We therefore also analyze our cases for academic education purposes as well, in order to train the next generation of activist by developing new forms of human rights trainings together with them.

In our youth work, we are also emphasising the provision of practical advise for fostering female careers in international organizations and NGOs to reduce existing discrimination structures that continue to systematically prevent women from entering really influential international positions. From A-Level phase on, we provide career mentoring for young, ambitious and talented women by guiding them through the jungle of EU career opportunities and funding options.

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